Chartered in 1959  we cover 43 counties in northeast Wisconsin & upper Michigan.

Insulators Local No. 127

The primary focus of the union is to assist its membership in securing employment, to defend their rights and advance their interests as working men and women, and by education and co-operation, raise them to that position in society to which they are justly entitled.  


Our training program is four years based on related instruction and on the job training. Our program is recognized through the state of Wisconsin as the leaders in Mechanical Insulation industry.


Our mission statement emphasizes our commitment to multiemployer plans.


Signatory Contractors


Insulators Local No.127 • 33 E. 3rd Street PO Box 185, Clintonville, WI 54929 • Call us at  (715) 823-5669 or fill out our online contact form.

Insulators and Allied Trades Careers

From the start, Insulation Apprentices EARN while they LEARN.

Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct

The HFIAW “Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct” (PCCC) promotes jobsite excellence and customer satisfaction. The goal of the PCCC is a job built on time, under budget, and built right the first time. Learn more about our Professional Craftsmen Code of Conduct.

Are your mechanical systems properly insulated?

Make sure your facility is properly insulated! Get an expert energy assessment and start saving money by saving energy.  Start the process for a 3E Energy Audit from the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and our expert contractors.

Value of Insulation

Insulation saves money, improves lives and protects the environment Properly installed mechanical insulation provides long-term energy efficiency, emission reduction, cost savings and safety benefits, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE).

Infectious Disease Control • Saving Lives

When safety and disease control matters in hospitals and medical facilities for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors, firestop and smoke seal insulation installed by members of the Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers (HFIAW) helps control infectious diseases by preventing the spread of infectious particles.

The Labor Management Cooperative Trust

The Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) fund was created by the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers to promote the Mechanical Insulation industry's highly-professional work and state-of-the-art training.


Start of a Fulfilling Career as a Heat and Frost Insulator!

Become a Member of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers

We represent nearly 30,000 craftsmen in a series of construction trades.

Today’s union insulator is skilled in the installation of mechanical insulation, fire stopping, asbestos and lead mitigation or abatement, sound attenuation and specialty fabrications required in custom mechanical insulation installations for commercial, industrial, medical, bio-technical, governmental and educational facilities among other customer types.

We Are Currently Searching for Apprentices, and Mechanics & Technicians Working Within the Industry.

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Insulators Local 127

33 E. 3rd Street • PO Box 185
Clintonville, WI  54929

P: (715) 823-5669
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